SEO Audit -- Discover What Factors are Helping -- and Hurting -- Your Site

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Comprehensive SEO Audit that considers 60 different metrics; you'll receive a full report detailing how well your site is optomized, whether it is showing up properly in search engine results, and most important of all, what can be done to help improve your SEO strategy moving forward. The average in-depth audit discovers 25+ errors that should be corrected and a dozen or more strategies that are recommended to improve your search engine ranking. You receive a full 30+ page report and detailed information on what is working, what is not and how to easily fix your site for maximum performance and user experience.

Getting started

I need the full address of your site and if you have them, a list of the keywords you have optimized for. Some issues are easily corrected during the audit; if any are discovered and you would like them fixed (canonicalization errors and related problems) they can be done immediately at no cost if desired; back end access would be required if corrections are needed.